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The Yodel parcel delivery service delivers millions of parcels every week throughout the UK. No matter where you need your parcel delivered, Yodel has more than 60 service centers to help. Deliveries to Ireland and the Channel Islands are also handled by Yodel through Fastway Couriers, Guernsey Post, and Jersey Post. You can track all of your Yodel deliveries at any time with their UK parcel tracking service.

Yodel Tracking – A Best Parcel Tracking Courier Service

In terms of parcel delivery, Yodel Direct aims to provide the best options to our customers. Therefore, we provide you with an up-to-date parcel tracking service that will allow you to monitor your shipments and deliveries. In a single year, 150 million packages are delivered to 80 percent of the UK’s major retailers. At every point along the way, Yodel uses a smart barcode system to track individual items.

 The Yodel system allows both the sender and recipient to track deliveries. The tracking number can be entered into the search box on this page to check the status of your parcel through the Yodel system. Check the status of your parcel. You can track your parcel by entering your reference number above.

What Does it Means By Yodel Tracking Statuses?

Collection Awaiting: 

You will see this event as one of the first in the tracking process. While Yodel knows that a parcel is on its way, it has not yet received it from your sender.

Collected From Sender:

Currently, the parcel is on its way to Yodel depot after being shipped by the sender.

Reached At Yodel Depot: 

Your parcel has been received by Yodel and will be delivered on the right day. As well as showing delivery attempts, this status will indicate whether Yodel had to return your parcel to the depot if it couldn’t make it.

Left Yodel Depot:

We are on our way to deliver your parcel, which was at the local depot but now is on its way to you. It is also possible to see this stage as ‘With Courier/Driver’, which is explained further below.

With – Courier Rider/Driver: 

Our delivery driver is currently in the process of delivering your parcel to you safely. Depending on the estimated delivery date, your parcel may not be delivered today if it was supposed to be delivered within 48 or 72 hours. You can check the estimated delivery date in your tracking information

Was – Rider/Driver:

  1. One of two things could have happened: You have received your parcel, or we missed you and it is on its way back to our depot. The parcel will be delivered two more times within two consecutive working days if this is the first attempt.
  2. Secondly, Your parcel has been delivered, either directly to you, to a neighbor, or to a designated safe place. If you go to the tracking page, you will be able to see where your parcel has been delivered

How Can I track My Yodel parcel?

Could you please let me know the status of the delivery I’m expecting? Using your tracking number and delivery postcode, you can track your parcel above. You can also download the Yodel app to get delivery updates on the go.

Why My Parcel Have No Tracking Number Yet?

Our systems may take a few minutes to update parcel information if you have just ordered your goods. You should contact the sender if you have not heard back from your parcel after one day and there is no tracking information.

How Can I track A Yodel Package Without A Tracking Number?

Yodel will deliver any parcel to you, so make sure you have your tracking number handy so you can track your package. Moreover, Yodel will request your delivery postcode for your item, so you can be sure that you’re tracking the right parcel. You must contact Yodel immediately if you have not received a tracking number. 

How May Late A Yodel Courier Deliver?

Yodel delivers parcels until 9pm on the mainland United Kingdom. Yodel does not normally deliver on Sundays due to its schedule.

How A Yodel Tracking Numbers Look Like?

There will be eight consecutive numbers in the Yodel tracking number of your package. This barcode is located underneath your receipt, which you can use to identify your shipment. Don’t worry, you’ll realize that it’s your Yodel tracking number as soon as you see it

What does in transit to Yodel mean?

In other words, your package has not yet arrived at its destination, so it is still on track for delivery. Nonetheless, it has already left the issuer’s location, so you should be careful as it may reach its destination at any moment.

What happens if you miss a Yodel delivery?

If the courier does not find you to deliver your package, he may leave you a card. The card will contain the courier’s decision. For instance, they might have left the package with a neighbor. There is also the possibility of the courier leaving the package at the nearest office, so that you will just need to go pick it up.

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