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Would you like to know the status of your shipment without having to visit multiple websites? The best way to avoid theft or loss of parcels is to keep an eye on them during massive parcel shipping. Purolator Tracking was created to meet this need. Every day, we provide shipping companies with status updates around the world. Tracking information I.D about Purolator shipments can be obtained by checking the tracking number. Tracking VRL Logistics can be done in the same way.

Purolator Package Tracking Canada

The tracking number or reference number, also known as a PIN number, lets you know the status of your order. Tracking services are provided by Purolator, a Canadian courier company that provides delivery services worldwide. Their reliable delivery services are trusted and relied upon by customers. You can track your package until it reaches its destination with the help of a courier who picks it up from your residence or workplace

The majority owner of Purolator Inc. is Canada Post, while Rainmaker Investments Ltd. holds a minority interest. As well as its US freight forwarding subsidiary, Purolator International, the company has subsidiaries in Europe and Asia. Purolator Inc. has its headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario, and Purolator International has its headquarters in New Jersey.

Originally called Trans Canada Couriers, Puralor started as a courier company in 1967. From 1987 until 1987, the company was owned by an American company, Purolator, that produced oil and air filters. The name Purolator remained, but it is no longer associated with the American oil company. 

Deliveries can be made by Purolator up to the weight of 68 kg (about 150 pounds). It is possible for Purolator International to refuse your package if the weight of it exceeds this limit. Even so, shipping packages heavier than 68 kg isn’t common for most people. 

Over 210 countries and territories are served by Purolator, including the US, Canada and the Caribbean. Just keep in mind that you will need to prepare customs forms and tariff codes before bringing your package to your local Purolator shipping center if you are shipping a package to someone.

Purolator Package Tracking Canada

Your tracking number, PIN, or reference can be entered here to keep track of your orders.

Tracked delivery services are provided by Purolator within Canada and worldwide. They provide a reliable and trustworthy delivery service for both individuals and businesses. Your package will be picked up by a courier at your home or workplace, and you can track it until delivery.

How do I track my Purolator package?

From pickup to delivery, you can track a shipment’s status with real-time tracking information by entering a tracking number (PIN) or reference. purolator tracking numbers are used throughout the entire tracking process. Tracking numbers are unique codes that encrypt all shipment information. If you purchase an item online or at a retail store, you will be given a unique number for your parcel.

There are a variety of tracking numbers, including 12-digits, 10-digits, 15-digits, 20-digits, and 22-digits. The tracking numbers are usually devoid of letters.

If you place an eCommerce order, your tracking number will be automatically emailed to you, and if you ship a package at any location, it will be provided to you.

Purolator Same Day Services

We offer Purolator Same Day® service for you if your shipments need to be delivered today, including options for Canada-wide delivery. Purolator Shipping Centres offer this service, or it can be prearranged for same-day pickup and delivery at any time – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Call 1 888 SHIP-123 during business hours on a weekday between 7am and 10pm (Eastern Time) to receive information about Purolator Same Day® service, and then select option #4 (Pickup and Delivery the Same Day).

Purolator Domestic

It is not uncommon for Purolator to be used for domestic shipping within Canada as it is a well-known Canadian courier. It is used by online retailers, individuals, and businesses alike since it has fast delivery times and full tracking.

Purolator Same Day In-City

For delivery within city limits in select cities in Canada, choose from our range of Purolator Same Day options that will help you and your customers meet deadlines today.

International Freight Forwarding

As an importer and exporter of goods into and out of North America, Purolator facilitates deliveries into Canada.

Your goods can be imported and exported more efficiently with a streamlined supply chain. The shipments are picked up offshore, loaded onto ocean liners, and delivered to our Canadian logistics network, where the containers are quickly imported.

Purolator International

A number of international destinations are served by Purolator’s courier services. Deliveries to major destinations take 2-5 days with this dependable courier service.

Purolator Same Day Next Flight Out

When your shipment needs to be delivered as soon as possible to and from select Canadian cities, consider this air service.

Cross-Border Courier

The rest of the world is shipped to and from. By exporting and importing to clients around the world, you will be able to reach new markets and stay connected. Over 210 countries and territories are served by our network of world-class service providers.

Purolator LTL freight shipments

Through Canada’s largest transportation network, the suite of solutions includes TL (truckload) and LTL (less-than-truckload) services.

Our Purolator Freight team will ensure that your freight arrives on time and on budget.

Purolator tracking from USA, Canada and UK

This site lets you track all of the packages sent through Purolator courier that are sent around the world in just a few clicks. The sender of your package must provide you with a tracking number, which will then be used on this site to track your delivery and find out where it is.

How long does it take to deliver Purolator ?

Depending on the service selected, delivery times may vary. For less urgent shipments, there is a road delivery service. These are some of the options available:

  • A Purolator Express 9h delivery is guaranteed the next working day at 9h
  • Next working day delivery guaranteed for 10:30 am with Purolator Express 10:30 am
  • Delivery by noon on the next business day is guaranteed with Purolator Express Midi
  • Deliveries are guaranteed to arrive the next business day by the end of the day with Purolator Express
  • Deliveries made between 5:30 pm and 9 pm on the next working day by Purolator Express Evening
  • Depending on location, Purolator Road 9h guarantees delivery within two working days
  • Depending on the destination, we can guarantee delivery for 10:30 am.
  • Purolator: For shipments that are not urgent, shipments can be delivered by the end of the day in one or more working days, depending on the destination.
  • A Purolator Road Evening delivery begins at 5:30 pm and ends between 9:00 pm and 10:00 pm, depending on the destination.
  • With Purolator Same Day you can get your orders delivered within 24 hours, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
  • If your shipment needs to be delivered the same day, you have the following options:
  • If your shipment needs to be routed between certain Canadian cities as quickly as possible, choose the Purolator Same Day Next Flight service
  • When you need your shipment delivered as quickly as possible to Canada, choose Purolator Same Day Direct
  • It is possible to schedule deliveries in Canada through Purolator Same Scheduled Day (for example, daily, weekly, or monthly).

How do I contact Purolator ?

In Canada, we have our head office at the following address:

  • We are located at 2727 Meadowpine Blvd., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L5N 0E1.

Call the following numbers to get in touch with customer service throughout North America:

  • Call us at 888-744-7123

The following telephone numbers are available to the hearing impaired:

  • Phone: 1-855-661-7876

The following telephone numbers are available for technical support:

  • Toll-free number 888-459-5599

If you would like to contact Purolator on Twitter, you can follow @PurolatorHelp, or you can check out their Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages.

Several questions can be answered on the Purolator website by a virtual assistant.

Approximately 17500 requests are handled by Purolator’s customer service department each day.


How late does Purolator deliver?
Packages can be delivered even after 9 p.m. by Purolator. A package can be delivered before a certain time for an extra charge. You can choose from the following options: 

Purolator Express® 9 AM

Purolator Express® 10:30 AM

Purolator Express® 12 PM

The Purolator Express® evening service takes place between 5:30 pm and 9 pm

How long does it usually take to deliver an international package with Purolator?
International packages can be shipped quickly by Purolator Express International. Choosing this option is a good option if you don’t need your package delivered urgently.
How long will Purolator hold a package?
The package will be held by Purolator for a maximum of 5 days at the selected shipping location. If you have a photo ID and other important information, such as your tracking number or proof of address, someone can pick it up for you.
Are Purolator shipping fees expensive?
Depending on the destination area, Purolator shipping rates vary nationwide. Shipments cost on average less than $3. Approximately $5.00 can be charged for “Purolator Ground” service.

According to the dimensions of the package and the destination, costs may vary when using Purolator International service. US$8 is an approximate shipping cost for shipments to the United States. An approximate cost of US$10 applies to shipments to South America.

There is an approximate price range of US$12 to US$14 for shipments to Asia or Africa. It is estimated that shipping to Europe will cost you US$10. It is also possible for the type of service to affect the cost of shipping.

How do I arrange my Purolator pick-up?
Any Purolator office can collect packages for users. After selecting the type of service and completing all logistics procedures, the delivery method can be selected.

Using the official website of the company is the only way to do this. The same type of service is available on Saturdays as well. In addition to Canada, this service is also available in the United States.

How do you call Purolator?
On the company’s website (https://www.purolator.com/), there is a telephone number (1-888-744-7123) for contacting customer service. We offer customer service every day of the week. If you would like to contact us via email, you can do so as well. 

As a company in continuous operational growth, Purolator is always striving to improve its services. Therefore, it has become a good alternative not only for Canadians but also for Americans.

How do I track my Purolator international package?
Several websites are available for tracking purointernational packages. purolator tracking is available on its website or you can use an online tracking service. We make tracking your purolator package internationally seamless. With purolator tracking numbers, you can track up to ten packages simultaneously and get results within a few minutes.

If you track your purolator international package with us, you’ll be able to follow your package’s journey no matter where you are in the world.

Where can I find my purolator international tracking number?
Purolator will give you a tracking number or reference number if you wish to track your international package. It is possible to find purolator international tracking numbers on the receipt, the shipping label, the email address, or the phone number provided.

It is possible to request the Purolator tracking number from the sender if the recipient is still unable to locate the tracking number. The purolator courier tracking number can also be obtained from the local post office.

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