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Global Logistics Solutions (GLS Courier) provides third-party logistics (3PL) services worldwide using FedEx, DHL, Parcel Force, and other reliable couriers. The parcel tracking service is accessible online at any time. You simply need to enter the parcel numbers. The GLS Tracking Track ID on every notification card can also be used to track your shipment in real time. The GLS provides real-time delivery information in a number of countries.

About Global Logistics Solutions – GLS

Since late 1999, GLS has been a Dutch-owned company. Besides providing logistics services to 42 European countries, GLS also provides postal services around the globe, except in some countries with higher political risks. GLS generated revenues of €1.75 billion in 2010/11 by shipping 363,000,000 parcels to 220,000 customers.

What is GLS Tracking?

A logistics company based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, General Logistics System is also known as GLS. While maintaining a successful and sustainable commercial business, GLS strives to protect the environment for future generations. Additionally, they strive to make a positive impact on society. DudeMaz makes it easy to track your GLS package.

On DudeMazs homepage, you can enter your GLS tracking number and get notifications and status updates about your packages’ location. In a short amount of time, you can track up to 10 GLS packages simultaneously.

GLS Tracker UK

Using GLS tracker UK is easy, even when you book your delivery through Packlink. In order to make this possible, we have created a very simple, easy-to-use tool below. You can track your single parcel or entire shipment in real-time by entering the GLS tracking numbers into the box below. Therefore, you won’t just get data on the last time it was logged in, but also its exact location and status right now!

Cheaper & Easier GLS Deliveries Via Packlink

Packlink offers an intuitive and user-friendly courier comparison website. An online service from major players like GLS that lets you choose the carrier for your delivery based on your needs. As an added benefit, Packlink offers significant discounts when shipping directly with GLS. The reason for this is that we pass on our savings to you, our customers, resulting from a high amount of orders placed with them.

With our easy-to-use website, you can even quickly find the carrier that offers the best value for your dollar. By doing so, you will be able to save money, while still having access to the latest tracking tools. As an added convenience, we also have a friendly and knowledgeable customer service team that can assist you with any queries regarding booking, tracking, or delivery.

Enter GLS/CJ GLS Tracking Number & Get Update

Parcel Monitor lets you track all your GLS/CJ GLS parcels from any location around the globe without having to browse various sites. Anywhere you are, the tracking updates are sent directly to your mailbox. If you select a language, the software will show all updates in that language. Take a look!

Convenient & Easy GLS Track & Solution

Have you been searching for the right tracking solution for your GLS/CJ GLS packages? Now you can track your parcels with Parcel Monitor! Whenever your parcels are shipped nationally or globally, you’ll receive tracking updates straight to your email box. Discover all the features of the site by activating the CRM mailing feature. You can try it now!

How to Track My GLS Package?

You can track a GLS package using Order Tracker by pasting the tracking number in the field above or by visiting the track my package page. With our parcel tracking system, you can track your parcels from anywhere in the world. The Ordertracker website accepts any international tracking number, making it a universal tool to track a package worldwide with accurate information such as “track my parcel”.

What if Lost GLS Tracking Number?

GLS tracking numbers can sometimes be lost due to accidents. Keep things organized by taking photos or taking screenshots! To capture all the valuable information, such as the date, make sure your camera lens is far enough away from the subject.

How To Track A GLS Package Without Tracking ID?

Without a tracking number, it is impossible to track a package. If the sender has sent you a message, SMS, or email, check it. A tracking code for GLS will likely be sent to you via email. Usually, the sender is the most likely to find your tracking number quickly, so you need to contact them first. If the sender cannot help, you can also contact GLS customer service.

GLS Status 

Getting a clear picture of what’s happening with GLS package tracking is straightforward and easy.

In Transit State

Moving packages are not called “transit” by GLS. Instead of using words like “inbound” and “outbound,” GLS uses words like “inbound” and “outbound.” Words like “inbound” and “outbound,” give you a clear understanding of your package’s movement. Because your package is likely to undergo several stops on its way to you, it will require several stops before it reaches you.

Moreover, A GLS package would not be moved by the word “transit,” but by telling you when it pauses or recommences moving at the various hubs.

Pending Status

Usually, pending statuses result from inspection points, such as customs. Because of open borders in European countries, most GLS packages don’t have a customs inspection.

Why GLS Package is Still in Transit State?

A transit status that changes from “outbound” to “inbound” for an unusually long time is a good comparison to still in transit at GLS. In order to properly prepare your package, you should first consider its journey. Additionally, In Europe, for example, most cities are connected by good roads and infrastructure, so travel times are predictable.

In addition, There are not all countries with good roads and reliable travel times. It is possible that your GLS package will take a long time to reach its destination if it travels through an area with bad roads for example or over a mountain range. Additionally, your package might take longer than usual to be sorted and scanned if it reaches a GLS hub on a busy day.

The thing to remember is that there is probably just a delay, and your package is coming. Most packages arrive safely and on time with GLS, but it sometimes takes longer than usual.

How Long Can A GLS Package Stay in Transit?

  • It always depends on how far the order has to travel, but a journey can generally be expected to take a maximum amount of time. It may take many hours to travel by air and land. A combination of air travel and extensive road travel usually leads to the longest journeys.
  • Several countries have one main hub city, which causes these travel times. An airport hub may receive a package after a flight. Next, the journey will be by road.
  • Transit takes longer if your package passes through several hubs. Although GLS makes these stops, all deliveries tend to be made within five to seven business days. GLS delivers most packages within 24 hours or less. Sometimes it can take as long as 48 hours to travel between European countries.

How Long It Take To Deliver GLS Courier/Parcel?

  • Deliveries are offered both nationally and internationally by GLS, with a strong focus on the European market. Aside from 41 European countries, GLS also offers services to Canada and eight states in North America. For door-to-door delivery, GLS or a partner company provide transport.
  • Delivery times between 48 and 120 hours are estimated for deliveries within Europe and 72 to 120 hours for deliveries to the rest of the world. Most deliveries are managed by GLS within 24 hours.
  • As well as Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Canada, United Kingdom, and United States, GLS has branches worldwide.
  • As a result of its many warehouses in all of these countries and territories, the company is able to provide a transport service with guaranteed delivery deadlines and efficient delivery methods. GLS provides the following methods of shipping:
  • With Flex Delivery Service, you can tailor your parcel delivery for most domestic and European destinations. Delivery can be made at the recipient’s home, at the GLSagency, at the Point Relais, at his workplace, at another address, according to his needs. It is possible to change the date and place of delivery if someone is absent. Approximately 24 to 48 hours are required for delivery. A delivery slot of 3 hours is locked once the location and date of delivery are selected. Deliveries are generally made between 8am and 6pm on Monday through Friday.
  • Domestic and European deliveries are available via Express service. You will receive your order the next day before 1pm.
  • Euro Business Parcel: this service provides GLS delivery for parcels that weigh up to 31.5kg (30kg in some countries), for Europe. Depending on the availability of Parcelshop GLS in the country of delivery, home deliveries may be made or parcelshop GLS deliveries may be made. Depending on the destination, delivery times vary between 24 and 96 hours. The delivery time for major European cities is between 24 and 48 hours and for remote locations is between 72 and 96 hours.
  • The Global Express Parcel service is geared towards international shipments outside of Europe. There are more than 150 countries where GLS delivers parcels. Based on the recipient’s country, delivery takes between 1 and 7 working days.

Note: Package types, weights, sizes, dimensions, destinations and conditions such as holiday periods, public holidays, weather conditions, and possible customs delays can all affect delivery times.

How To Find My Tracking Numbers From GLS?

GLS shipping receipts are provided when you ship a parcel. In addition to mailing receipts and redelivery forms, you can also find your GLS tracking number on your online e-label record, sales receipts and insurance receipts in the event you have purchased insurance online.

In How Many Time Does The GLS Pakistan Asia Branch Deliver?

Your parcels will be delivered by GLS Pakistan Asia branch from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Friday, and by Saturday with the Saturday Delivery special handling option. Most addresses in the country receive GLS Standard Overnight delivery by 3:00 PM, rural areas receive it by 4:30 PM, and residences receive it by 8 PM. The office is open Monday through Friday. To most addresses, GLS next day air or priority overnight delivery is available by 10:30 AM, to remote areas it is available by noon, 4:30 pm, and 5 pm..

What is The Format of GLS Tracking number?

An GLS tracking number is composed of a number and a letter. In most cases, tracking numbers for GLS consist of eight digits, but they can sometimes be as long as 20 digits.

GLS Tracking Number Format Examples

  • 00FYU360
  • 00MLFYBY

How & Where Can I Track My International GLS PArcel?

In addition to the United Kingdom, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, France, and the Netherlands, GLS offers service in 41 European nations. Tracking your GLS international parcel requires copying and pasting the tracking number onto the GLS tracking website or Ship24, an online universal tracking system.

The DudeMaz tracking system allows you to track up to 10 parcels simultaneously and get results in just a few seconds. You can track your parcel’s journey from beginning to end on DUDEMAZ, and if you create an account, you will be notified of every step along the way.

How To Contact GLS?

You can reach GLS directly on: 018606200 with any questions you may have about the service, its prices, tracking, or a specific parcel. Please feel free to contact them between Monday and Friday between opening hours if you have any questions. In order to reach this number, you must add the international code if you are not calling from within the UK.

You may also need to consider that the opening hours may differ across Europe, so your ability to reach them may be affected. Alternatively, you can fill out a form on the GLS website’s contact page, and a member of the customer care service team will respond within a day or two.

When will I Receive GLS parcel Tracking Updates?

Events such as in the following list will all be notified to you through your tracking number on our site “”.

What Are The GLS Parcel Tracking Options?

A GLS parcel tracking service keeps you informed about the status and delivery options for your parcel at all times.

Euro Business Tracking

Enter one or more parcel numbers to track your parcel online at any time. In addition to tracking your shipment in real time, each notification card contains a Track ID. Real-time delivery information is provided by GLS in a number of countries.

GLS Tracking Delivery

As long as no one is present during the attempted delivery, GLS will proceed as per local custom. The practice of accepting parcels from neighbours is common in many countries. Once the recipient has been notified, GLS drivers leave a card. GLS ParcelShops can serve as alternative delivery addresses in countries with GLS ParcelShops.

In some countries, you can choose a GLS ParcelShop as the delivery address when placing an online order. Visit the website of the GLS national company to find out which delivery options are available in your country.

GLS ParcelShops

A GLS ParcelShop is just around the corner to provide recipients with important services. Providing personal service, long opening hours, and short waiting times, GLS ParcelShops provide convenient acceptance and collection of parcels.  Alternative delivery addresses can be provided by parcel shops in many countries. In this case, the delivery driver leaves the parcel at a GLS ParcelShop in the vicinity if there is no recipient present at the time of delivery.

Consumers also enjoy the convenience of shopping through GLS ParcelShops. ParcelShops are available near homes or workplaces so that online shoppers can get their goods delivered directly to them. Once the dispatch process has started, they choose a ParcelShop by ordering online.

GLS Express delivery tracking

Every GLS express delivery is prioritized by speed and punctuality. In many countries, ExpressParcel shipments reach their recipients before close of business the next working day. You will receive a refund if the parcel does not arrive on time.

Document Return Service of GLS Tracking

Delivery of a parcel, collection of important documents, and return to the consignor are all services offered by GLS. The GLS driver receives the recipient’s signed mobile phone contract in return for the smartphone, for example, and thus consignors remain safe. In this way, both consignors and consignees save time.

GLS Saturday Service tracking

It is GLS’s practice to deliver express shipments on Saturdays. It is possible in certain countries and areas for national dispatches to include time-definite delivery options, for instance delivery before noon. Before business closes in Europe, international shipments arrive at their destinations.

Euro Express Parcel Tracking

Many European countries are served by GLS by close of business the following business day for time-critical express consignments. Goods and documents that need to reach their destinations quickly and reliably arrive there. Express couriers will attempt delivery of a parcel once more free-of-charge the next working day if they are unable to deliver the parcel on the first attempt.

Business Courier Tracking

GLS offers a reliable, quick, and secure way to transport parcels throughout the country Monday through Friday during normal business hours. For most countries (excluding islands and part of the outlying areas), the standard delivery time is less than 24 hours.

Euro – Business Tracking Against Parcel

Delivery times of 24 to 48 hours are standard for all major European markets. It usually takes 72-96 hours to deliver to more distant regions. International parcel delivery is of first-class quality throughout Europe.

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